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process development

Process Automation

The process of automation includes digital and physical tasks. Typically back-office administrative and financial activities. Using robotics process technology.

Cognitive Insight

Cognitive Insight

The cognitive insights provided by machine learning differ. From those available in standard analytics. Furthermore, we use data to detect patterns in large amounts of data.

Cognitive Engagement

Cognitive Engagement

The system interacts with employees using deep learning tech to discover FAQs and answers. For instance, previously solved cases, and proof to find fluid to employee problems.


Our AI Services

Auto reply Suggesttion
Auto Reply Suggestion

The Auto Reply model develops reply options. Based on the full context of dialogues. And not only a single message. 

Multilingual Translation
Multi lingual Translation

Multi lingual is a machine that translates multiple languages using one translation model. This service is used for scarce languages.

Spam Detection
Spam Detection

If your system gets spammed? In Spam detection it is a surprise machine learning problem model with some examples of spam.

Facial Recgonition
Facial Recognition

It is software that can instantly search databases of faces. And compare them to multiple faces which can be detected by AI.

Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment Analysis

Our company provides sentiment analysis. It means the context of the message. Which extracts personal data from the original material.

Quality Inspection
Quality Inspection

Quality inspection involves examining, and measuring. Or checking various products and comparing those results.

Steps For Design and Merge Of AI  System

  • Firstly, identify the problem
  • Secondly, simply prepare the data
  • Choose the programs
  • Train the programs
  • Then choose a specific programming language
  • Simply run on a selected platform
  • Integrated easily with APIs and RPA
  • No Coding Needed

Let’s tell you about Bytes AI solutions

Firstly, Bytes AI Solutions is forging paths to the future. With solutions designed to support the instant outcome of AI. Secondly, Bytes AI Solutions combines the hardware, tools, software, and strategic partners. If anyone needs to increase growth. Lastly and most importantly, our company provides everything which anyone needs. To deliver a new era of ideas and products.

Artificial Intelligence
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